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Fiduciary and Trust Services

Fi-Tek provides trust, custody, reporting and administrative services for qualified retirement plans and other institutional investors through its affiliate - First State Trust Company (FSTC) located in Wilmington, Delaware.

In operation now for more than 30 years, FSTC was formerly known as Citi Institutional Trust Company. FSTC allows advisors to concentrate on their core competency of providing investment advice by enabling them leverage on FSTC's impeccable service support and its cutting edge technology products.

With its core business model focusing on building strategic partnerships with Financial Advisors, FSTC delivers a value proposition that involves building partnership between the client, the client's financial advisors, and its own trust services - all at very competitive prices.

FSTC works with many client types today, including: Defined Benefit Plans, Taft-Hartley Plans, Insurance Plans, Public Funds, Endowment & Foundations, 401(k) Plans, NQDC Plans, Delaware Directed Trusts, Funeral/Pre-Need Trusts, and other clients requiring specialized accounting and reporting services.