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Fund Structure


  • This includes upstream interfacing with General ledger systems, fee parameters (changeable at partner, tranche or class series level), partnership contact information, Profit & Loss categories, directed gains (stuffing) and all other setup parameters for creating a partnership in HedgeTek
  • A superior multi-tiered master feeder structure links both onshore and offshore feeders and provides a seamless automated allocation of the Profit and Loss items which flows down and across these structures.
  • HedgeTek has multiple allocation options: "full netting", "partial netting", and "book only". The benefit of the first two capital allocation methodologies is that book and tax allocations are performed simultaneously and Federal K-1's that can be generated after necessary tax adjustments.
  • Lockup and penalty profiles can be set up to address different penalty and locking rules with additional facility to have a one day window to withdraw within the Lock-in period, without paying any penalty
  • Facility to calculate rolling Rate of returns and to compare fund/investor performance with benchmark index