Global Securities Processing & Accounting | Wealth Management Software Solution | Fi-Tek Trust Accounting and Wealth Management Platform

Global Securities Processing & Accounting

At Fi-Tek, we understand the need of a robust accounting system to streamline your operations and manage customer, asset and transaction information. Our Accounting module does all that and more. Built in collaboration with a globally renowned wealth management and trust institution, our Accounting module is embedded with a robust and comprehensive lot accounting platform


  • Account Opening Workflow
  • Customer and Asset Management
  • Support for Corporate Actions
  • Auto Trade Settlement with Custody Interface
  • Mutual Fund Processing
  • Cash Management and Automated Fee Processing
  • Comprehensive Tax Lot Accounting
  • Cost Basis Reporting
  • Income Accounting
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • SWIFT interface to Global Custody
  • Settlement in over 80 markets globally
  • Biz Talk Integration
  • Over 80 interfaces to external providers
  • GL Integration
  • Statement Production and Reporting Engine
  • Tax processing
  • Full Function Document Manager
  • Audit Trail Tracking

Value Proposition:

  • Create the configuration that suits your needs and expand as those needs grow with the Accounting system's open architecture
  • Keep information in one location for easy access and updates
  • Automate your fee processing so you never miss a deadline
  • Eliminate the possibility of selling what you do not own, including optioned and pledged positions
  • Manage business growth without additional expense
  • Customize invoices with your company logo and address
  • Reduce Operational Risk by automating business operations