Investment Management Overview | Fi-Tek Trust Accounting and Wealth Management Platform

Investment Management (IM) is a comprehensive portfolio management solution that supports trading in a wide range of asset classes, thereby ensuring that all investment strategies designed by your financial planners can be easily executed to build diverse portfolios based on your clients’ requirements.

Built around a single database, IM seamlessly integrates with the accounting solution and helps reduce risk and cost by minimizing the operations overhead of maintaining information on instruments, trade and accounts on disparate systems while always reflecting the latest trade information across different modules.

IM is endowed with following key functionalities that leverage the platform’s cutting-edge technology to deliver an extremely reliable, flexible and efficient system.

Portfolio Management & Investment Modeling
IM allows you to create portfolio models and benchmarks based on individual or group accounts. With user-defined parameters, accounts can be rebalanced manually or automatically against the models, benchmarks, or other accounts. Investment officers are provided with multiple portfolio views, including intraday securities activities.
Rebalancing feature allows you to realign the current portfolio against the target model so that customer’s goals and risks are in line with the expectation. This robust feature also allows you to rebalance the portfolio against a model or a composite of different models. Investment officers can either fully rebalance an entire portfolio in one step or can do partial rebalancing depending on the market conditions and other parameters.
Trade Order Management
Investment officers, account administrators, and traders can access electronic order management for traded securities to execute trades electronically or manually through a network of 400 executing brokers. With extensive and easy-to-use filters, users can review, analyze, and research trades easily and efficiently.
Bulk Trading
The system provides users with a host of trading tools to convert investment decisions into efficient and easily defined workflows including full or partial liquidations, by account or asset, by value or units, or percentages. In addition, some of the latest features include the ability to bring account holdings to a certain level.
Efficient Market Execution
The tool provides access to more than 400 additional executing brokers. This empowers users with a choice of immediate, real-time automated trade execution, or a window into the market through Instinet for interactive intraday trade execution, Level II quotes, and intraday charting where traders can observe and execute trades in reaction to market activity.
Real Time Integration
IM is a fully integrated, real time system working seamlessly with the core accounting engine. All transactions processed in either application are reflected on a real time basis on the other, allowing the trader and the investment managers to have a real time view of positions and investable resources.
What-if Analysis
The system lets you analyze the impact of trade on the portfolio before actual execution. This helps investment officers to check if the trade will have the desired impact on the portfolio that they are trying to achieve.
Trade Compliance
Now define your own compliance rules at the firm level so that you can be rest assured that there will be no breaches at the time of trading IM enables clients to implement rules to enforce the investment policy and to avoid conflict with the investment policy established for the firm and/or the client. The compliance rules are highly configurable. The rich functionality allows you to configure assets that are trade approved, restrict assets for certain class of customers, and monitor cash balance at the time of trading, check securities for their investment grade and many more so that compliance breach is the least of your worries.
Account Centric View
View all account details of your customer in one place. Account Centric View is a key functionality of IM that provides investment officers with a single view of the customer, so that subtle nuances of the customer portfolio details can be accessed at the time of designing or placing the trade. This view provides various account related information – its current investment vs. the target investment along with the variance. It allows you to compare the portfolio of an account against different investment models and provides detailed compliance reports. The user can also view top assets in terms of percentage investment held in the account.