Automated Account Review

Account Review module helps you to structure and simplify the Review process and equips you with the right tools to provide the required due diligence that the process demands.


  • Allows real time, online collaboration by multiple parties so that customer goal alignments can be minutely looked into and discussed
  • Notifies users when accounts are due for a review and the stage the review process is in.
  • All the reports required during the review process are seamlessly available on demand and report types and actual reports can be configured to be made available for the review process.
  • Monitors each review’s progress and provides detailed analysis
  • Allows for defining breaches and review questionnaire
  • Also allows for review of specific assets within a holding
  • The review process can be scheduled, automated, and workflow defined so that it seamlessly flows through its entire cycle and management oversight is not a concern during the audit process

Value Proposition:

  • Administrators can view the same review and provide comments in any location
  • Review process can be customized in alignment with your organization’s processes
  • Clearly defined, easy to follow steps make the review process simple and fast
  • Breach definition allows the users concentrate on specific details for a particular account during the review process thereby increasing your effectiveness