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Operations Outsourcing Services


The OpsSourcing platform is a fully integrated outsourcing solution that combines Fi-Tek's best-in-class wealth management software with services from our highly experienced trust affiliate, First State Trust Company. The outsourcing solution provides you with the competitive edge by allowing you to focus on growth and better understanding of your customers' goals. OpsSourcing helps in reducing operating expenses by as much as 30%-50% while providing disaster recovery and business continuity. With stricter controls and accountability over trust and wealth management operations by the regulatory and oversight environment, OpsSourcing brings the best practices and oversight that are desired by our clients.

Value Proposition:

  • Develop long term strategic relationship and partner with clients in new product development to meet their goals and objectives in the best possible way.
  • Distributed Processing Model helps in retaining in-house information about your client and yet integrate with OpsSourcing flawlessly.
  • Our processes are fully transparent and OpsSourcing technology allows you continuous access to your client information and how we service them.
  • Fi-Tek and its trust affiliate, FSTC have serviced more than hundreds of trust banks, large banks and brokerage over the years thus bringing in knowledge to your business.
  • Relieves the managers from the burden of operations by taking care of human resource hiring/management, technology upgrades, capital costs

Services Offered:

  • Custody Security Processing
    • Domestic Custody
    • Global Custody
    • Mutual Fund Custody
    • Alternative Asset Custody
  • Security Processing
    • Trade Settlement for Depository Assets
    • Mutual Fund trade processing and settlement.
    • Daily custody to trust reconciliation
    • Dividend and interest processing
    • Corporate action processing
    • Proxy processing
  • Trust Accounting Options
    • Single or Multi-Ledger Cash accounting
    • Daily accrual Reporting
    • Tax lot Accounting.
    • Cost Basis Reporting.
  • Client Reporting
    • Daily Account information
    • E-Statements
    • Printed and Mailed Statements
    • Tax and Compliance
    • Downloadable user-controlled custom reporting
  • Cash Management
    • Multiple cash sweep processes
    • Segregated process for non-registered sweep funds
  • Administration
    • Trust Account setup using TrustPortal
    • Trust account maintenance through TrustPortal
    • Asset and code tables maintenance
    • Robust memo tickler system for administrators
  • Fee Processing Options
    • Multi-tiered breakpoint based fee structure
    • Multiple supported fee periods
    • Linking accounts for calculations
    • Revenue analysis for charged and invoiced fees
    • Automatic fee invoices generated using customized templates
  • Distribution Processing
    • Check processing and ACH transfers
    • Scheduled disbursements
    • Loan processing and amortization schedule
    • Tax calculations and filings
    • Reconciliation of outstanding checks