Global Private Banks

Technology is a key differentiator in the wealth management industry and your success is greatly enhanced by partnering with Fi-Tek. With our strong and diverse customer base anchored by leading financial institutions, we offer investment advisory solutions that best fit your business needs. Our comprehensive and integrated web based wealth management platform allows you to focus on your core competencies while we use our expertise in technology to seamlessly integrate your front, middle and back office operations thus providing tangible benefits to your business. A wide spectrum of financial institutions across the globe is using our offerings to delight their customers.

Our Product Offerings

Wealth Management Analytics
Use an extensive set of analytical tools to help attract clients and effectively serve their financial planning needs.

Investment Management
Execute trades and create portfolio models and benchmarks based on individual or group accounts.

Automated Account Review
Simplify and automate the account review process to easily navigate through the life cycle of a review process.

Global Securities Processing & Accounting
Execute trades as the platform works seamlessly with the comprehensive tax lot accounting platform engine, keeping all your accounts up-to-date with real-time account information.

Reporting & Statements
Leverage Global WealthES’s extensive reporting and statement generation capabilities – choose from more than 150 reports.