Decision Tools | Fi-Tek Trust Accounting and Wealth Management Platform

Decision Tools

Global WealthES's dashboard technology enables front and middle office users to easily access information required for day to day operations. The configurable dashboard can be set up as a decision and monitoring tool for managing the business.


  • Configurable with Drag and Drop functionality
  • Allows management of widgets
  • Rules can be set so that relevant information is displayed
  • Pre-defined functional widgets covering different modules of Wealth Management Platform
  • Can be set for different management levels
  • Can be set for viewing real time as well as historical data

Value Proposition:

  • Allows you to be on top of your business through configurable, easy to use graphical as well as textual widgets
  • Allows you to track breaches, market and portfolio positions all in one place
  • Allows you to see trends in data and take proactive measures