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Our Hedge Fund Software, HedgeTek, is a powerful allocation and comprehensive reporting tool for hedge funds and fund of funds addressing all types of structures including multi- currency, multi- class series Master feeder funds. HedgeTek tracks investor contributions and redemptions, assignments/transfers, side pocket allocations, calculates complex investor capital and performance fees, including equalization and finally produces investor statements with rate of return calculations. It is scalable to thousands of investors and performs investor allocations and calculations, helping to reduce cost and operational risks associated with manual processing. HedgeTek maintains a complete audit trail, providing transparency of operations.

Learn how our solution platform takes care of your business needs and renders enhanced efficiency & accuracy in your operations

Business Requirement # Solution Offering
Unitized & Monetized Funds  
Master Feeder Setup  
Contact Relationship Management  
Capital & Performance based Fees  
Side Pocket Functionality  
Interface with surround systems  
Order Process Management   System enables booking and editing of future subscriptions, redemptions and transfers by issuing confirmations and contract notes for the same


Contributed securities   The application has the facility to compute short-term & long-term built-in Gain/Loss and does the tax allocations on at the time of sale of the  contributed securities


Tax Allocation   Supports Full and Partial Netting for Break Period and Annual Aggregation funds along with stuffing options for full or partial withdrawals


FATCA Compliance   Application provides facility for capturing investor data and generating FATCA compliance report


Reporting   The Reporting Engine generates Book, Tax and NAV Reports and allocation report along with Statements/extracts  for Investors and Regulatory Agencies


Statement Production   The statement production can be used to create customized statement packages at the client, partnership or investor level that can be delivered to multiple recipients


Tax Form generation for Federal K-1s   Supports generation of Federal K-1s


Audit Trail   Extensive audit reports available for Add, Modify and Delete