History | Fi-Tek Fi-Tek - A Global Financial Technology Solutions Company


In 1998, Fi-Tek built an alliance with a top tier wealth management firm to help re-platform their trust system from DOS to Windows and eventually helped rollout the new system to their banks. Fi-Tek acquired this Trust technology business in 2005. Over the next few years, Fi-Tek has continued to build on this an integrated wealth management solution on a single platform for front, middle and back-office - TrustPortal. 

In 2001, collaborating with a Big-4 company, Fi-Tek developed HedgeTek - the partnership allocation system. HedgeTek has since been enhanced to meet the latest and most complex essentials of book and tax allocation in hedge funds and other securities partnerships. Today, HedgeTek supports customers globally with its leading allocation platform.

During the fourth quarter of 2013, Fi-Tek launched Global WealthES (GWES), an enterprise level integrated investment management solution on a single, web-based platform for Private Banks, Trust Banks, Wealth Managers, Broker-Dealers, Family Offices, RIAs and other financial institutions. GWES provides functionalities that streamline business processes with proven core solutions in Accounting, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Regulatory & Compliance Review, Tax Reporting and Client Reporting & Access. Global WealthES is continually augmented and enriched to support global dynamic market requirements.

Today, Fi-Tek has over 350 professionals providing solutions and services to 450 clients worldwide, ranging in size from $200 million to $80 billion, with a combined AUM of over $1.3 trillion.