Investment Management

Fi-Tek’s state-of-the-art Investment Management (IM) solution helps you formulate trade execution strategies by integrating with the core accounting engine and allowing for analyzing the impact of trade through various what-if-scenarios before the order is placed. An inbuilt compliance engine gives you the control to review breaches before a trade can be executed.

The IM module comes with rich features that take a multi-faceted approach to designing your trades.


  • Handles buy and sell transactions
  • Straight Through Processing application
  • Automated trade life cycle management
  • Online Trade execution and support for block trades
  • Rebalancing of models and accounts
  • Support for Bulk Trading
  • Intra-day trade execution support
  • Integration with compliance engine
  • Supports FIX protocol
  • Robust back office to process and settle trade
  • Supports integration with Instinet and Reuters Order Routing for Equities (RORE) network
  • Reconciliation between trade and custody data
  • Managed Account Platform to support Advisors on UMAs and SMAs

Value Proposition:

  • Create various asset allocation models based on investment goals or asset classes
  • Integration with “Thomson Reuters Order Routing for Equities” Network provides access to more than 400 additional executing brokers
  • Any transactions processed are reflected on a real-time basis in the core accounting system
  • Proactive alerts on dashboard help manage client accounts efficiently
    • Widgets can be customized streamlining the user’s workflow
    • Fi-Tek can create custom widgets
  • Review, analyze and research trades easily and efficiently
  • Observe and execute trades in reaction to market activity
  • Configurable with workgroup security to enable users with access to authorized accounts and functions
  • Easily incorporate all accounting compliance