Securities Processing & Accounting

At Fi-Tek, we understand the need of a robust accounting platform to streamline your operations and manage customer, asset and transaction information. The core accounting module of Global WealthES™ does all that and more. It provides an agile platform that can cater to the growing demand for transparency in line with the changing regulations in the securities market.

Built in collaboration with a globally renowned wealth management and trust institution it is embedded with a comprehensive tax lot accounting system. It is endowed with extensive functionality & risk controls and renders its clients with significant cost and operations efficiency.


  • Account Opening Workflow
  • Customer and Asset Management
  • Support for Corporate Actions
  • Auto Trade Settlement with Custody Interface
  • Mutual Fund Processing
  • Cash Management and Automated Fee Processing
  • Comprehensive Tax Lot Accounting
  • Cost Basis Reporting
  • Income Accounting and Accrual Reporting
  • Statement Production and Reporting Engine
  • Comprehensive Tax processing
  • Full Function Document Manager
  • Audit Trail Tracking

Value Proposition:

  • Complete integration of front, middle and back office functionality renders the users with quick turnaround of operations
  • Support for a wide range of security transactions and asset classes makes the system extremely flexible & versatile
  • Ability to define approval hierarchy for various business processes strengthens internal system security
  • Automation of fee processing ensures revenue collection timelines are diligently adhered to
  • Single Relational Database ensures strong data integrity across the platform
  • Automation in various functions and processes leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced operational risk
  • Complete audit trail of changes available ensuring transparency & accountability