Statements & Reports

The application comes with a robust “Report Manager” which is equipped with an extensive set of professionally designed statements and reports. It provides a wide variety of packaged reports to facilitate majority of reporting requirements and is endowed with the following features:

  • Trade confirmations, contract notes, cash confirmations and investor statements can be generated and distributed via multiple delivery methods
  • Query wizard tool to enable clients to create queries and reports from de-normalized database repository
  • Data extracts can be generated using SQL server integration services at predefined intervals and emailed to specified recipients
  • Capability to create repeat “jobs” (e.g. monthly statements, extracts, or daily sanction screening) with flexibility to determine the frequency, timing and define the output path destination
  • Fi-Tek has incorporated a powerful Business Intelligence application in HedgeTek. It is a comprehensive data discovery tool that provides the clients with a host of incisive dashboards and reports. The components entail analysis of key business parameters and provide valuable insights that facilitate informed decision making.Visually appealing charts and graphs enable easy comprehension of data. The application provides various kinds of trend, impact and performance analysis. The users can also avail of self-service BI to create customized reports and dashboards on the fly, based on their unique requirements. The tool provides drill down and slice & dice capabilities that empower the hedge fund managers and administrators with extensive data mining capabilities. They can derive actionable information from different perspectives and at various levels of granularity.