Streamlining Complex Allocations | Fi-Tek Customer Centric Financial Technology Software

HedgeTek helps automate complex partnership allocations for a Hedge Fund Administrator


Client Profile


A leading global investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base.


Problem Definition


The client had hired external consultants to work along with their internal team to come up with partnership allocation system to meet several unique business requirements for very large, highly complex, multi-tiered and multi-currency fund structures. At the onset, due to the complexities, and lack of documentation the requirements were not easily defined and no automated process could be implemented.


Solution Offered


Fi-Tek's application - HedgeTek was selected through a vendor selection process as a solution to address the complex allocation structures. Fi-Tek's business analyst team along with the client's internal team worked through several revisions until both the teams derived the final requirements. As the implementation was made, a significant number of new enhancements were again identified, which needed to be incorporated in the application. In addition to the revised application, previous workarounds requiring manual intervention were automated with new features. With this iterative revision process the system was able to automate most of the complex requirements.


Benefits Derived