Tax Allocation

Investment partnerships are constantly challenged by the complex tax accounting requirements of accurately allocating the various profits and losses among investors. Other complex features like tracking fill-ups / fill downs when partners redeem and processing M-1 adjustments can be a tedious exercise when done manually on spreadsheets.

The platform supports tax processing for U.S. investment partnerships (partial or full netting methodology) for both break periods and annual aggregation funds after incorporating necessary tax adjustments such as M-1, Reclass and special tax allocations. The system has comprehensive stuffing provisions for investors redeeming in part or in full from the fund and does tax reprocessing on incentive crystallization. It also tracks sale of contributed securities for tax accounting related to built-in gains/losses.

Various tax reports, including tax estimates at any time of the year are prominent features of the application.

The platform significantly improves the tax allocation process by enabling firms to quickly import data from external sources which, along with a variety of granular reports simplifies the overall Partnership tax accounting and servicing process.