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Thriving Together in 2021

Thriving Together in 2021

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Ramsey El-Fakir – Senior Managing Director & CIO – Technology and Infrastructure

As the second quarter of 2021 begins, I’m reminded of this time last year. Like so many businesses, flexibility and adaption were key for continued success. Fi-Tek’s systems met the challenge as our employees and clients moved to remote work.

Perhaps the silver lining to remote work and utilization of video conferencing versus an in-person meeting, is the ability to connect with more people than ever before. We’ve been able to “visit” multiple clients each day via video conferencing services. Our annual Wealth Conference, which was done virtually in 2020, doubled in attendance from years prior. Since client education and enrichment sessions have gone virtual, we’ve reached more clients in one session than we typically would in all of our sessions combined. Fi-Tek has continued to establish and maintain relationships even though all physical travel was halted.

This year we look forward to continuing to offer secure remote support to clients and allowing more flexibility to our employees who need to work from home. We welcome more opportunities to connect with new clients and perfect our remote onboarding process.

I would like to thank the entire Fi-Tek Team for your amazing work during an unexpected pandemic. You have all stepped up during this difficult year and have been able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Thank you to our clients, both current and newly onboarded during 2020, for your patience, understanding, and partnership in navigating remote support with us. I have missed being able to come and visit in person during the year and look forward to being able to safely visit soon.


Ramsey El-Fakir

Senior Managing Director & CIO – Technology and Infrastructure