Transfer Agency | Fi-Tek Hedge Fund Platform

Transfer Agency

HedgeTek has a comprehensive Transfer Agency (TA) system that addresses an industry demand for hedge fund administrators to have a single solution for both TA and Fund Accounting. By having TA and Fund Accounting on a single platform, it reduces tech stacks, addresses operational resource challenges, and improves efficiency across the board.

  • Investor registry for all static and regulatory data entry as one-time setup to be used across clients/funds within the database
  • Related party and contact details repository with ability to flag multiple preferred delivery methods (email, web, fax, postal) for reporting
  • Ability to store multiple bank wire details per Investor record
  • Investor master static tables for user defined dropdown selection options, e.g. FATCA types, AIFMD, etc.
  • Customizable controls for maker/checker across all investor related panels
  • KYC, AML and compliance tracking with logic based risk ratings
  • FATCA/CRS data entry and relevant reporting for regulatory filings
  • Ability to input and monitor receipt of required documents for KYC and tax purposes
  • Automatic KYC expiry handling
  • Scheduled daily extract for sanction list screening
  • Customizable maker/checker controls for compliance data entry
  • Subscriptions, redemptions, transfers between investors, exchanges between classes/series, series consolidation, dividend distribution and reinvestments for both monetized and unitized funds
  • Calculation of next available trade date based on user defined criteria for trade frequency, notice period, lock ups, etc.
  • Order warnings displayed for user acceptance where in breach of trade criteria for audit purposes
  • Multi-currency trade entry
  • Facility to enter user defined GAV per share and/or user defined FX rates for recording subscriptions and redemptions
  • Customizable maker/checker controls for trade entry
  • Cash management capability via rule driven cash receipt/payment dates
  • Calculation of initial vs residual payment amounts
  • Automated cash extract to upload into a cash management tool
  • Customizable maker/checker controls for cash entry