Wealth Management Analytics

Investment Planning (IP) allows your business to formulate investment strategies for your high-net-worth clientele. A flexible and powerful tool, IP uses simulation and optimization techniques to come up with the best portfolio model for your clients. It covers the entire gamut of Financial Planning from prospecting to generating proposals for the customers.


  • Captures customer details for risk profiling
  • Captures future contribution, distribution and life goals over planning horizon
  • Identification of the optimal frontier for current asset classes under consideration as well as historical risk/return
  • Create projections to develop and access the plan
  • Analytics to consider various what-if scenarios
  • Automated tools to create, analyze and optimize asset allocation models based on industry-standard and self-defined indices and criteria.
  • Predictive Analytics to calculate the probability of achieving the goal
  • Interactive Proposal Generation Engine

Value Proposition:

  • Decision support tools help investment advisors strategize wealth preservation and growth by considering various scenarios using interactive screens.
  • Helps manage interactions with the prospects/clients in a streamlined fashion
  • Enables Investment Advisors to present pre-defined models to their clients
  • Allows for a futuristic outlook by building analytics to determine the probability of success in meeting your client’s financial goals, given the current market conditions
  • Built on a highly scalable and modular architecture
  • Helps not only build but refine investment strategy by allowing for changing contributions, investment horizon, goal outlays in real time and verifying the new strategies